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Amazon FBA

  Now a lot of sunrise thousands of single large sellers is to enable FBA, the business has a quality and quantity of the upgrade. Now, more and more Amazon sellers aware of the importance of using FBA. This is why do so many people do FBA, we Shenzhen air FBA the United States, FBA so hot reason. So now many of Shenzhen's Airborne Inc are able to Shenzhen by air FBA the United states. Of FBA in good, many just do business not to FBA have to understand how much, it is likely that we don't know American Shenzhen cargo FBA processes, Shenzhen cargo FBA the cost calculation and composition, US dominance of Shenzhen cargo FBA.

  Shenzhen air FBA American process:

  1 Shenzhen air cargo FBA American customer stock, posted Label tag

  2 customer delivery to the warehouse, check the Label tag, confirm the weight

of the volume

  3 Boying handling of goods, ready to declare documents

  4 Shenzhen Airborne Inc delivered to the designated port or airport

  5 the goods left China, arrived at the port of destination

  Third overseas 6 party customs clearance tax, take delivery of goods

  7 Shenzhen air FBA United States after delivery according to Amaonz warehouse

requirements to play the tray

  8 Shenzhen Airborne Inc appointment delivery time and arrange for delivery

  9 cargo service Amazon warehouse and successful receipt

  Shenzhen air FBA United States cost of the United States and the composition of the calculation

  Conversion of common measurement units in 1.FBA

  1 "(inches) =2.54cm (CM) 1 lb (pounds) =0.4536kg (kg), and 1 oz (oz) =28.35g 1 cubic foot (cubic feet) =28.32 cubic DM (cubic decimeter)

  2 Shenzhen air FBA United States cost components

  FBA cost Fees +Monthly (Executive fee) Storage Fees +Inventory (monthly storage fee) Placement Service =Fulfillment (warehousing inventory placement service fee)

  Fees =Order (Executive fee) Handling +Pick (order processing fee) Pack & +Weight (sorting package fee) Handling Fulfillment (weighing handling fee)

  Shenzhen air FBA United States advantage

  1, Boying Airborne Inc a dragon whole cabinet, bulk cargo shipping to countries

in the FBA positions (the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, FBA)

  2, one stop express to the national FBA positions (Germany, France, Britain, Spain,

Italy, Japan, Canada, FBA)

  3, Boying air and Amazon designated Truck Company cooperation, shipping more favorable

  4, Amazon FBA head of the transportation, warehousing (short term)

  5, provide paste mark, goods, service tray

  6, to provide the major ports of FBA shipping services (Shenzhen, Hongkong,

Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, etc.)

      Boying international logistics company focused on the United States, Shenzhen air FBA, foreign FBA first range of transport services, one-stop service. Company route throughout the Amazon all warehouses, no overseas registration, you only need a phone or an e-mail, we can for you to secure the goods shipped to the Amazon warehouse, for you to save all your troubles. In overseas has more than 500 fixed quality cooperation agency, all over in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia, for domestic and foreign customers to provide around the world of international air cargo logistics services, to provide our clients with favorable international cargo price and reduce international air transport costs.


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