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How to solve the problem of FBA head of the United States?
Posted on:2017-03-08      Clicks:
Cross border this piece in the FBA process has a lot of problem needs to be solved is, like you

the FBA process mode of transport to to choose according to their own goods and international freight forwarding company, the arrival of the goods at the destination customs clearance problems. Of course, if you choose to have the strength of the formal customs clearance company, in the United States FBA the first way to transport this piece, they can give you advice, select the appropriate mode of transport for you. Customs clearance issues, the strength of the customs clearance company, believe that this is the ability to help you deal with customs clearance. Specific FBA how to solve the problem of the United States to solve the problem of how to solve the problem of Ming grace for you:

  When the seller through the freight forwarding company to deliver the goods to the destination

country, may touch the goods on a lot of problems, either the goods can not be put in storage, by Amazon returns; or is the Amazon system automatic warehouse, transportation charges of the FBA process and storage costs will soar.

  There may be a variety of causes can not be put in storage, the FBA process may product

specification is too large, the weight is too heavy, may also be the product packaging does not meet the requirements, the seller prior to communicate with supplier to good, because Amazon for the product requirements are very strict. "If there is no product attached to be returned, you can re paste; if it is damaged or does not meet the requirements of the packaging, the supplier to reset the packaging box." In addition, Amazon has banned products and fake goods, FBA is absolutely not accept.

  How to solve the problem of the United States FBA head way how to solve the problem of FBA

sub positions is more complex, and usually difficult to avoid. Novice seller after the create a shipment will be hit with a SKU products are divided into 1-3 different warehouse, some sellers will choose one of a hair and direct delete other shipment, but such an approach is opportunistic, does not conform to the Amazon's policy, go down for a long time will be warned and even affect the account assessment. This situation, if the seller the transportation cost budget is sufficient, you can consider directly express, although cost is higher but solve method is simple, or is the choice to follow the sea, many sellers combined with their own circle of friends, focused fixed positions to the freight forwarding, centralized transportation and cost sharing.

  Some time ago because of the increase in overseas customs clearance, Hongkong DHL will have to

temporarily close the FBA cargo, to adjust. Short adjustment will also impact on the seller, a habit, another service, all of a sudden also difficult to find equal channel to replace, and immediately the arrival of the peak season, shipping demand increases, the choice of logistics company more trouble.

  The FBA process problem how to solve? Most of the time your goods will appear customs clearance

problem, Hong Kong DHL therefore limit the value of a single vote shall be for under $2500, or recipient shall assign a Customs registered importers IOR treatment, to circumvent the risk returns.

  Goods in the Amazon will encounter all kinds of problems before entering the Amazon, each

problem is not handled in a timely manner, may lead to the risk of return. The FBA process, like tariffs, DHL metropolitan suggested sellers DDP tariffs in advance, of course, pay tariffs, there is no guarantee that goods into the warehouse, because may also have as an importer to submit customs clearance information, import documents and so on operation. So DHL at this time will be recommended to allow the recipient or third party agents to do.

  The FBA process problem how to solve? Ming en cargo is few domestic logistics enterprises,

professional to provide the FBA process a station type service international freight forwarding companies, whether it is in the issue of price or customs clearance are advantages of no than Ming en more understand the United States. For the United States FBA head may encounter problems, Ming grace can be a good deal to avoid the risk of return of goods. Ming en can provide secure door-to-door delivery service.


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